With Eduling courses and activities, we aim to help students to reach higher and go further in their educational journey. Our courses use the most updated research-based approach to develop students' true communicative competence. They use international and the US materials and are taught by highly qualified teachers in the US. We also offer an international learning environment with students and conversation partners from various countries. Please see the list of classes in the slide show above, and if you have questions, contact us! 

Eduling courses are convenient and affordable. Whether it is for young learners developing the four language skills or for older students who want to prepare for the IELTS, the tuition rate is around $10/ hour/ student. Ask us more if you have questions.

Let's Go Places with Eduling International Academy


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IELTS Courses

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Eduling offers courses using the IMPACT curriculum from National Geographic Learning for middle school and high school students; a series of IELTS courses, and a series of writing courses. Learn more about the courses and the tuition by clicking on the button below. Learn more about the registration process HERE. If you're ready to register, please click the button below.


By enrolling in Eduling courses, students can participate in many learning opportunities, including frequent videos on Eduling International Youtube Channel, resources shared on our Facbook Group, conversations with American students through the Conversation Exchange Program with American students, and many more activities. More information can be found on our Resources page.

Why us?

  • We focus on the quality of teaching with the focus on skill development based on the most updated research in second language acquisition and teaching 

  • We aim to create an international and intercultural learning environment with English learners from various countries 

  • We use the best of what the U.S. education has to offer 

  • We develop students’ growth mindset, autonomy, and study skills so that they can be lifelong learners 

  • Online courses offer convenience while maintaining social interactivity and a sense of community among students and teachers 

Academic Team

We pride ourselves in having the most qualified teachers for the courses they are teaching. Eduing teachers all have U.S. education and have experience teaching in the U.S. and other contexts. 

Linh Headshot.jpeg

Dr. Linh Phùng

Dr. Linh Phung often says that English and education take her places. Through Eduling, she wants to create many opportunities to students to reach higher and go further to different places and horizons, albeit in their imagination in the beginning. Her full profile can be found at www.linhtphung.org

Natasha Garrett.jpg

Dr. Natasha Garrett

Dr. Natasha Garrett is a writer, poet, and university lecturer. She has a PhD in International Education and has over 15 years of experience teaching international students. To her, language teaching and learning is a wonderful way to explore this wide world.

Oksana Moroz 2.jpg

Oksana Moroz, MA, PhD Candidate

Ms. Oksana Moroz has over five years of experience teaching English in the U.S. She believes that learning English will widen students' horizons and create access to more academic and career opportunities for students in their future.

Davi Reis.jpg

Dr. Davi Reis

Dr. Davi Reis has a PhD in Teaching English and has many years of experience teaching at U.S. universities and schools.

Maria Smith 1.jpg

Ms. Maria Smith

Ms. Maria Smith is a writer, storyteller, and university lecturer. She has a MFA in Creative Writing, a TEFL certification, and has been teaching for more than 5 years. She believes that language and storytelling can inspire and enable students to live adventurously.

Allison 1.jpg

Ms. Allison McLaren

Ms. Allison McLaren has a MA in TESOL and has been teaching English (and Spanish) to students from ages 8 to 80 for almost twenty five years. 

Jennifer Tober Business Shot (2).jpg

Ms. Jennifer Tober

Ms. Jennifer Tober is an ESL specialist and a professional actor with experience in teaching English and accent training. She's also a creative director of Shakespeare in the Park in Pittsburgh and loves yoga and dancing.


Ms. Betsy Davis

Ms. Betsy Davis is an experienced ESL teacher in the U.S. and former IELTS examiner for both speaking and writing.


Ms. Lara Hauer

Ms. Lara Hauer, MA in TESL, PhD Candidate in Applied Linguistics, has experience teaching ESL to young learners and college students. She's an IELTS examiner for both speaking and writing.

Class Pictures and Activities

Eduling Conversation 9-26-2020
Eduling Conversation 9-26-2020

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Eduling Conversation Hour August 28 2020
Eduling Conversation Hour August 28 2020

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Eduling Conversation 9-26-2020
Eduling Conversation 9-26-2020

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News and Resources

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