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The mission of Eduling International is to help students reach higher and go further to different places and horizons through English. Eduling offers a series of online English courses designed for school students to develop their true communicative competence for their future studies, work, and global integration, where English is widely used as an international language.

Why us?

  • We focus on the quality of teaching with the focus on skill development based on the most updated research in second language acquisition and teaching 

  • We aim to create an international and intercultural learning environment with English learners from various countries 

  • We use the best of what the U.S. education has to offer 

  • Online courses offer convenience while maintaining social interactivity and a sense of community among students and teachers 

  • We grow with students through a series of courses with clear progression while also offering a menu of courses to choose from to meet students’ specific needs

Educational approach and teaching method 

1. A balanced curriculum 

The curriculum as well as individual lessons should provide students with four important components: meaningful and comprehensible input, language focus, meaningful output, and fluency development. 


2. Relevance

Course content is relevant to students’ backgrounds. Efforts are made to activate and build students’ background knowledge to facilitate comprehension of new concepts. 


3. Comprehensible input

Comprehensible input is essential for L2 learning. Materials and teaching techniques are used to make sure students comprehend what is presented to them. 


4. Output and interaction

Output and interaction are mechanisms for L2 development. Students have abundant opportunities to produce output in the oral and written modes. There are various types of output: restricted and extended output, individual and collaborative output, in class and out of class. 


5. Focus on form 

When students encounter language input or participate in language production (output), their attention is also drawn to linguistic forms through various techniques, including input enhancements, metalinguistic explanation, input elaboration (giving examples), and corrective feedback. 


6. Conditions for motivation, engagement, and autonomy 

Apart from offering language instruction, Eduling aims to help students to become autonomous learners. Autonomy involves the ability to set goals, monitor progress, and manage learning. It involves the ability to manage their motivation and emotions, reflect on experience, form productive habits, and seek appropriate learning opportunities. 

Email for Vietnamese parents:

Email in English for all:


Frequently asked questions

How many students will there be in a class?

It depends on the course option you choose from our available courses and services.

How are the students grouped together?

Students are grouped according to their grade and English proficiency.  

How do students interact online? 

Students and the teacher will be on video. They can hear, see, and chat with each other. They can also type or draw on the teacher's screen. 

Is there a lot of time to communicate in the class?

Students can talk freely, answer the teacher's questions, and talk in pairs or in groups. 

How do you compare the class to a face-to-face class?

It is similar in that students and teacher can hear and see each other. Students can see the teacher's screen. Students can read, write, listen, and talk. These happen right on the student's computer at home.

What technologies are used?

Zoom is used to conduct the live lessons every week. Students need a webcam. Students can talk freely or in turns. They an also type answers or questions into the chat box. Students also have access to extra materials through Google Classroom.

What book is used? How do I buy the book?

We use the IMPACT, REACH and INSIDE curricula from National Geographic Learning, which are commonly used in U.S. schools and internationally. After the students pay their tuition and book fee, Eduling will purchase book accounts for students. With a student account, students have access to the student book, assignments, tests, games, and other resources. Other courses use materials that can be purchased by the students.

What is the tuition?

Tuition for an hour starts from $10.50 and depends the course options and services you choose. 

Is there a placement test that students can take? 

Yes, students can take a placement test on


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