Language learning requires regular practice during a long period of time. Through language lessons, students also develop academic skills and knowledge about the world and different cultures. Parents and students can choose one of the courses offered by Eduling International Academy listed here. These courses will develop students’ all language skills, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation equivalent to what students in the U.S. study in each grade level.


Students can advance to a higher-level course once they finish the current course. The higher-level course is more difficult than the previous one in the reading level of the texts, complexity of language, and academic skills. By following Eduling courses, students will be able to use English confidently in everyday communication and academic studies.

Before enrolling in a course, students can take a pretest. CLICK HERE to see the instructions in English. 

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If you are interested in organizing a course on this list or NOT on this list for a group of learners, please complete a form below to let us know. We will respond to your request and discuss the details with you as soon as we can. Your kid will get a discount of 50-80% of the tuition for your kid for the organization work. Please email to start a conversation.

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