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Eduling Speak Contest

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Eduling Speak invites you to submit a two-minute written speech every week to win a $5 prize! Eduling will select one speech a week to feature in the Eduling Speak app. The writer of the selected speech will win an award worth $5. Criteria include interesting ideas and language use, but they should sound authentic and reflect your experience and who you are.

Week 2 Prompt (Deadline: August 21)

Please submit your written speech (around 250 words) by midnight on August 21, US Eastern Time.

Describe a special day that you remember well. You should say:

- where you were

- who you were with

- what you did

and explain why you remember it well.

Ainokura village in Japan - Photo by Nguyen Gia Thuc

Week 1 Prompt (July 30 - August 7) Please submit your speech by midnight on August 7, US Eastern Time.

Describe a country you would like to visit in the future that you haven't been to yet. You should say:

  • which country it is

  • where it is located in the world

  • what you could see there

and explain why this country would be such a good place to visit.


You may practice this speech with a partner on the Eduling Speak app. Follow the steps below:

  • Connect with a friend

  • Choose IELTS Topic Part 2

  • Choose Places 4 on the app

You may download the app by searching for Eduling Speak on the App Store or Google Play or click on THIS LINK.

Questions can be sent through the Eduling Fanpage ( or to

Happy speaking!

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