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Trends in Education in 2024: Educators' Perspectives

Updated: Jan 2

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, innovative methods and approaches continuously emerge, reshaping the way learners engage with content and the world around them. From new language teaching methods to the imperative of global competency and the integration of technology, educators are at the forefront of these transformative shifts. Based on their recent presentation about issues and trends in education in 2023 that they actively engage in, Dr. Linh Phung and Ms. Hong Dinh, US-based educators in the US, identify these key topics that will likely carry into 2024.

Inclusion: As diversity gains prominence, institutions must prioritize training for educators to support students with diverse needs, such as neurodivergent students and those with disabilities and special needs.

Innovative Language Teaching Methods: Approaches like Task-based Language Teaching, Project-Based Learning, and English as Medium instruction prioritize content and meaning over traditional linguistic forms. This requires curricula to center around tasks or projects, emphasizing real-world application.

Multilingual Education: The US Department of Education has promoted multilingualism with the slogan "Being Bilingual is a Superpower," advocating for a focus beyond English. Given the US's 5 million English learners, there's a rich linguistic and cultural tapestry to nurture. Dr. Phung, Eduling, and Ms. Dinh have contributed with several bilingual education projects, including the Eduling Speak app and bilingual children's books.

Multi-sensory Instruction and Multimodal Literacy: This method employs varied sensory experiences, aligning with learning science that advocates for diverse modalities and activities. As students engage with written text, audios, and videos, teachers must cultivate multimodal literacy, designing materials that enhance comprehension across these mediums. In addition, teachers also need knowledge and skills to design slides, materials (including videos), and lessons that consider multimedia learning principles.

SEL and STEM: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) remain pivotal. Ms. Hong Dinh offers Vietnamese books and resources on these subjects, emphasizing their significance in modern education.

Global Competency: As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the ability to understand and interact effectively across cultures is vital. Global competency equips learners with the attitude, knowledge, and skills to engage with diverse perspectives, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration on global challenges.

Digital and Data Literacy: In an interconnected digital era, learners must navigate and critically evaluate digital information. Data literacy equips individuals to extract meaningful insights from data, fostering informed decision-making.

Educational Technology: Tech integration remains crucial for modern educators, with AI-powered tools and learning engineering shaping the future. The Eduling Speak app is following these principles, evolving to optimize user engagement and personalization.

Microlearning: Catering to today's fast-paced learning environment, microlearning delivers short, concise content segments (usually in a few minutes), enhancing retention and adaptability. The Eduling Speak app integrates microlearning, offering bite-sized tasks for individual or collaborative learning.

Self-regulated Learning: Learners are empowered when they actively make decisions and manage their own learning journey. Dr. Phung introduces a framework from Oxford University Press that emphasizes this approach.

In essence, as education evolves, these trends underscore the importance of research-based insights, adaptability, inclusivity, and leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences.

Dr.  Linh Phung and Ms. Hong Dinh continue to share ideas and resources about these topics as well as promote and initiate new projects in 2024. These include:

  • Eduling Speak mobile app with language tasks to help learners develop English (and potentially other languages in the future).

  • Bilingual children's books: Tug of Words, Hallie’s First Words, Four Seasons Together, and more.

  • Vietnamese Learning Games book available on Amazon.

  • IELTS Speaking Part 2: Strategies, Model Speeches, and Practice Activities can be purchased in Vietnam or on Amazon.

  • Ms. Hong Dinh’s popular books in Vietnamese: Học kiểu Mỹ tại nhà, Học STEM kiểu Mỹ tại nhà, Phát triển năng lực cảm xúc xã hội

  • The Spanish Learning Games book soon to be published.

  • The English Tasks book by Dr. Linh Phung and Ms. Hong Dinh soon to be published by Alpha Books.

  • A brand-new project to develop materials in various languages and send them to subscribing families monthly.

Information about these books and materials can be found at

About the author: Dr. Linh Phung is a dedicated international educator, innovator, and leader with a proven track record of directing successful educational programs, fostering academic excellence, and driving innovation in language learning. With Eduling, she leads a cross-functional team of IT developers, content developers, and designers in the development of Eduling Speak, an app that connects learners to talk in pairs based on 1000+ communicative tasks and games. She's also a published author and expert in language education with publications in high impact journals, experienced in leadership roles, and committed to enhancing educational experiences and outcomes. She currently serves as an English Language Specialist with the U.S. Department of State.

About the author: Ms. Hong Dinh (M.Ed in ESOL) is an educator from Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia, USA with more than 10 years of experience. Currently teaching third grade, she is a grade-level chair and ELA/Literacy lead teacher. Her certificates include Elementary/K5, ESOL, STEM, and Gifted. Ms. Dinh is also a book author and a founder of a fan page with more than 61,000 followers. Her books and fan page (Hoc kieu My tai nha, or Learning American Way at Home) are resources for Vietnamese educators, teachers, and parents worldwide.

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