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This course provides intensive IELTS speaking practice for 12 weeks to students at various proficiency levels who want to improve their IELTS speaking skills. The course offers weekly lesson recordings, IELTS tasks that students can respond to, AI feedback, and opportunities to interact with and receive support from other learners and the course manager. Students also have premium access to 1000+ tasks in the Eduling Speak app and many of its beneficial features. Students enrolled in the course have the following benefits:


  • Have premium access to the Eduling Speak app for four months

  • Complete weekly tasks as assigned

  • Ask the AI to correct their recordings

  • Interact with other students in the course through a discussion board

  • Ask questions to each other and to the course manager through the discussion board

  • Make friends with other students in the class to practice together in pairs

  • Receive TEACHER feedback three times in the course

  • Have one MOCK INTERVIEW with a former IELTS examiner


The course starts on the 1st and the 15th of the month. You can start the course after making the payment and following instructions to join the course.


Students in Vietnam can pay in VND through this LINK.


After you pay, you will receive codes and instruction to join the course. Make sure to download the Eduling Speak app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Create a Learner account to get started. 

IELTS Speaking Course in the Eduling Speak app Combo 2