Teach with Eduling International Academy

Eduling International Academy is a private online academy headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It offers online English courses to students in from any location. It strongly believes in the partnership between the teacher, students, and parents in maximizing learning outcomes for students. Quality teaching matters. Currently, the academy is offering English courses students at all ages in Vietnam. More information about the academy can be found at https://www.eduling.org.


Requirements include:

  • Training in teaching ESL (BA, MA, or a certificate)

  • Experience teaching ESL to international students

  • Experience teaching in the U.S.

  • Experience teaching online preferred

  • Expert-level English proficiency


Courses will be scheduled between 6:30-10am US EST on weekdays and weekends for 46 weeks of the year. Each course will mostly likely have 6-10 students. Teachers will be assigned to teach a course for the whole year, but substitute teaching can be arranged if needed.

Training and orientation will be provided so that teachers are comfortable with teaching online courses. For more information, email Dr. Linh Phung at edulingusa@gmail.com.

Dr. Linh Phung's profile can be found here: https://www.linhtphung.org/

Other courses, such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, will be added as the academy expands its offerings to meet the needs of students.