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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

1. IELTS 1, 2, 3

Eduling will offer a series of IELTS courses to help students to reach their target score (6.5 to 7.5). These courses are suitable for students in Grade 8 and higher. They are intensive and require students to study in class for 4 hours a week and at least 4 hours a week at home. They develop students' skills as well as test taking strategies. Research has shown that students may need to study hundreds of hours before they can gain .5 in the IELTS band. We will provide the best instruction, feedback, extra learning opportunities, and support to students to help them to reach their goal. Students will be the ones mainly responsible for their success.

Course information

Duration: 16 weeks

Hours: 32 two-hour lessons (64 hours of live lessons)

Cost: $320 for the first 8 weeks and $320 for the second 8 weeks

Textbook: Mindset for IELTS series (1, 2, & 3)

Time: 7:30-9:30am ET on two days a week

Teacher: Experienced teacher from Eduling, USA

Note: Eduling plans to start the course in August when there are enough students

Reward program: Any parent who introduces another enrolled student in the course will receive a discount of 10% of their child’s tuition.


  • Increase students’ knowledge of vocabulary necessary for more effective reading and listening

  • Help students to better address the grading criteria in writing and speaking through in-class and out-of-class practice and feedback

  • Familiarize students with test-taking strategies

  • Provide resources for additional practice

  • Ensure measurable improvements when the pre-course performance is compared with the post-course performance

Note: These outcomes depend on students’ commitment outlined in the course contract below.

Course components

Included in the fee

  • A pre-recorded instructional video before each lesson

  • 8 essays with instructor’s feedback

  • 8 student recordings with feedback

  • Pre-course assessment

  • 2 full mock exams

  • Additional writing and speaking prompts for extra work

Not included in the fee (for students who want to do extra work)

  • $6 for each additional essay with instructor’s feedback

  • $6 for 5-8 minutes of recording with instructor’s feedback

Next steps:

2. Impact 2, 3, 4 for teenagers

Description: Impact is a curriculum from National Geographic Learning designed for students in middle school and high school in 5 levels: Foundational (A1), Impact 1 (A2), Impact 2 (A2/B1), Impact 3 (B1), và Impact 4 (B1/B2). The curriculum helps studnets to learn more about themselves, explore the world, and develop skills and knowledge to become global citizens. The curriculum balances four skills and knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. After students finish Impact 4, they can join IELTS courses that Eduling offers to achieve their target. Eduling will help students to achieve at least 6.5 in their IELTS.

More information about the upcoming Impact course:

Time: 7:30-9:30am ET on one weekday or weekend (TBD)

Start date: August 2021

Duration: 36 weeks

Total course hours: 72 hours

Tuition: $720 (collected in three times, $240 each)

Book fee: $10 for e-copies of the student book and workbook

Next steps:

Take a placement - Please choose Impact:

Pay tuition for half of the course and book fee: $330

Download sample units:

3. Writing for Young Learners (Intermediate and Advanced)

Course information:

Time: Monday or Wednesday or Friday, 8:30-9:30 US EST (7:30-8:30pm Vietnam Time)

Duration: 24 lessons in 24 weeks

Instructor: Eduling teacher

Cost: $240

Course materials: Provided by Eduling

Description: This course is for teenagers with at least intermediate English proficiency. It aims to develop students’ writing skills in different academic genres, including personal narratives, summaries, problem-solutions essays, and research reports. The course will be organized into 6 units with 3-6 lessons for each unit. Students will finish two essays for each unit apart from weekly journals.

Objectives: By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • produce different types of with better organization, idea development, and language use

  • plan, write, and revise their writing independently as well as with feedback

Teaching and learning method:

  • Students write regularly in class to practice writing fluency. These writings may not be corrected because the goal is to allow students to write freely.

  • Teacher will present the important learning points in class.

  • Students will have homework every week.

  • Students will also work toward the final project for each unit.

  • Teacher will correct all of the homework and give feedback on the writings that contribute to the final project.

Next steps:

More information about Eduling:

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