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Read with Hallie

Playlist on YouTube: There are over 20 videos of books read aloud for Hallie, Dr. Linh Phung's daughter.

English-Vietnamese Bilingual Books

These books are translated by Dr. Linh Phung from Eduling International Academy as well as parents and students from Vietnam.

Tig's World/ Thế Giới của Tig: If the earth is round, why don't the people on the bottom fall off? Tig asks his scientist mom and writer dads and gets different answers. 


Listen to the English version

Listen to the Vietnamese version

Gappu Can't Dance/ Gappu Không Biết Múa: Gappu can’t dance or can she? Everyone in Class 1A knows Gappu can’t dance. When the students raise their left hand, she raises her right! Can Komal Ma’am get Gappu to dance? A story about the joy of dancing, using the concept of opposites. (Description from


Listen to the English story

Listen to the Vietnamese version

Giấc Mơ Biển Xanh/ The Ocean Dream: Coral is the best swimmer in the village. She follows the Rainbow fish to a magical water world. But is it all a dream? 


Listen to the English story

Listen to the Vietnamese story

Mùa Hè Kỳ Lạ/ A Strange Summer:  Nghỉ hè, Ủn ở nhà chơi đồ chơi. Ủn rủ hoài mà Ỉn không chịu qua chơi chung như năm trước. Ỉn bảo bận đọc sách rồi. Mùa hè này có nhiều điều thật kỳ lạ! Ủn phải tìm xem trong sách có gì mà Ỉn mê đến thế...

During their summer holiday, Fluffy stays at home to play with toys. Fluffy invites Muffy over to play with him, but Muffy keeps saying no, unlike previous summers. Muffy says she’s busy reading books. This summer is so strange! Fluffy has to find out what makes Muffy so interested in those books …


Listen to the Vietnamese and English story

Tiệm Bánh của Hổ/ Tiger's Bakery: Hổ mê làm bánh lắm. Mỗi ngày Hổ đều làm bao nhiêu là bánh ngon ơi là ngon nhưng kỳ lạ chưa, chẳng có ai trong rừng đến mua bánh cả. Một ngày kia, Hổ quyết định phải đi tìm hiểu một phen. Các em cùng giúp Hổ tìm xem vì sao chẳng ai đến mua bánh nhé.

Tiger loves baking sweet treats. Everyday, Tiger makes so many delicious pies, but strangely, nobody buys any of them. One day, Tiger wants to find out. Read the story to know the



Listen to the Vietnamese version

Listen to the English version

Translanguaging: Hallie's First Words: The more languages you know, the richer you are. Dr. Linh Phung reads a poem she wrote for her daughter Hallie, using some of her first Vietnamese and English words in her first two years of her life! She hopes to bring some joy to others by sharing her love for Hallie and for words.


Listen to it on Youtube

Have You Seen Sundari?/ Bạn Có Thấy Sundari Không?

Translated by Thân Hương Giang


Listen to the English story

Listen to the Vietnamese version

Global Storybooks in Multiple Languages

Click here


Mid-autumn Festival crosswords: Read an article and complete the crosswords puzzle about Mid-autumn Festival in Vietnam.


Conversation and Game Hour

Eduling offers frequent Conversation and Game Hours to students in various countries. In 2020, we have many hour conversations together. Students learn about talk about various topics in small groups and play English games. There are guest speakers sometimes. Starting in March, these hours are scheduled on Discord every Monday. Join our Facebook group to receive updates:

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