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Eduling April 2021 Courses

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

2. Impact for teenagers

Description: Impact is a curriculum from National Geographic Learning designed for students in middle school and high school in 5 levels: Foundational (A1), Impact 1 (A2), Impact 2 (A2/B1), Impact 3 (B1), và Impact 4 (B1/B2). The curriculum helps studnets to learn more about themselves, explore the world, and develop skills and knowledge to become global citizens. The curriculum balances four skills and knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. After students finish Impact 4, they can join IELTS courses that Eduling offers to achieve their target. Eduling will help students to achieve at least 6.5 in their IELTS.

More information about the upcoming Impact course:

  • Time: Monday, 8:30-10am US EDT

  • Start date: April 5

  • Duration: 36 weeks

  • Total course hours: 54 hours

  • Tuition: $550 (collected in two times, $270 each)

  • Book fee: $9 for e-copies of the student book and workbook

Next steps:

  1. Register:

  2. Take a placement test:

  3. Pay tuition for half of the course and book fee: $279

Download sample units:

2. Reach C for Grades 2-5

Date and Time: Saturday, 7:30-8:30am ET

Duration: 46 weeks

Materials: Reach C from National Geographic Learning

Tuition: $460

Description: Reach C is for students in Grades 2-5 with some basic English. This is the curriculum for Grade 2 in the U.S. Therefore, it is not suitable for students with a higher level than basic. However, older students with the basic level can still join the class.

Next steps:

Quick test: Please choose the last section:

Check out the sample materials HERE.

Sample video instruction:

Course introduction:

3. Inside C for students in middle school and high school

Description: Inside C is a curriculum from National Geographic Learning for students finishing middle school and entering high school. Eduling students can take this course if they would like longer readings and more challenging content. The has 8 units. Each unit has three major reading selections. Vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and writing activities are organized around the topic of the unit and the reading selections. This course will be offer upon request from parents and students.

Next steps:

Take a free placement test:

Course introduction:

Download sample materials: INSIDE A

Download sample materials: INSIDE B

Download sample materials: INSIDE C

4. Inside B Academic Writing

Course information:

Time: Wednesday, 6:30-7:30am US EST (6:30-7:30pm Vietnam Time)

Duration: 24 weeks

Instructor: Maria Smith (MFA Creative Writing, TEFL Certificate, University Lecturer, Eduling Instructor)

Cost: $240

Course book: Inside B Writing Book from National Geographic Learning

Description: This course is for students in Grades 6-9 with at least intermediate English proficiency. It aims to develop students’ writing skills in different academic genres, including a cause-an-effect essay, a research report, a literary response, and other argument and narrative essays. The course will be organized into 5 units with 3-6 lessons for each unit. Students will finish a project for each unit.

Objectives: By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • produce different types of with better organization, idea development, and language use

  • plan, write, and revise their writing independently as well as with feedback

Teaching and learning method:

  • Students write regularly in class to practice writing fluency. These writings may not be corrected because the goal is to allow students to write freely.

  • Teacher will present the important learning points in class.

  • Students will have homework every week.

  • Students will also work toward the final project for each unit.

  • Teacher will correct all of the homework and give feedback on the writings that contribute to the final project.

5. Mindset for IELTS 2

Course information

Time: Tuesday, 7:30-9:30 ET

Instructor: Dr. Linh Phung, BA, MA & EdD in TESOL, University Lecturer in the U.S., Eduling Director

Course duration: 38 weeks

Course hours: 79

Required materials: Mindset for IELTS 2 from Cambridge University Press

Course description

This IELTS course is for students whose IELTS score is between 5.5 and 6.0 and wish to improve their score to 6.5. Students with a score of 5.0 may also participate in the course. The course will be taught by Dr. Linh Phung and an invited instructor with extensive experience teaching and assessing students for the IELTS test. Students will also benefit from services that Eduling International Academy offers, such as frequent conversation hours and guest speakers from the U.S. There will be 79 hours instruction and practice exam time led by the instructor. Students are required to spend a significant amount of time preparing for each live lesson and doing practice tasks.

Objectives of the course

  • Hone students’ exam strategies through the activities in the Mindset for IELTS book

  • Provide extra materials, practice tasks, and other resources to boost students’ proficiency level

  • Provide word lists to expand students’ vocabulary based on the themes of the book

  • Provide timely and intensive feedback on students’ speaking and writing to facilitate language development

  • Help students to boost their band score by .5 to 1.0 with the target of 6.5 (depending on the students’ starting level and individual efforts)

Next steps:

Take a free placement test:

Course introduction:

6. Eduling Conversation and Discussion Course on Discord

Basic information:

Date and Time: MWF 9-9:30am ET

Platform for live sessions: Discord

Fee: $18 for a month; $49 for 3 months

Time to join: Students can join on the first day after the 15th of the current month or the first day of the following month after paying the tuition

Description: This course was designed for students who are 13+ years old to practice speaking in pairs or in groups three times a week. Students need to be at the intermediate level in speaking abilities, which means they can talk in a few sentences at a time, tell a story in the past, talk about a future plan, and express opinions and support them in a few sentences. There will be three live sessions on Discord a week. Eduling will send students a list of topics with discussion questions and an instructional video from a teacher in advance. Students will need to study the materials in advance and prepare for those discussion questions. In the live session, there will be a teaching assistant to answer students’ questions. Students will spend most of the time discussing the questions in a small group.


  • Provide students with opportunities to speak English regularly on various topics

  • Offer instruction that provides model answers from a teacher as well as helpful vocabulary and sentence structures

  • Train students on important pronunciation features

  • Provide students with topics and questions to prepare them for the IELTS or TOEFL exam

  • Create an virtual environment where students can gather and practice outside of the class time

Enrollment process:

  • Students complete a simple form to sign up

  • Students pay for 1 or 3 months by credit card on

  • Students will receive a link to join their group on Discord after they pay

  • Students will receive free training to be familiar with Discord

  • Students can join the live session after the 15th of the current month or the beginning of the following month

  • When their subscription expires, they can continue to pay for the next month. Without the payment, they will be removed from their group.

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