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Eduling Shares Tiny Lessons

Would you like to reach higher in your English knowledge and skills? Would you like to learn more academic vocabulary, idioms, and cultural knowledge that will prepare you for the level of English used at a U.S. university? Would you also like to be able to talk about academic topics more fluently and intelligently? Would you like to achieve a higher score for the IELTS speaking interview?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above, you will like Eduling's tiny lessons (3-5 minutes) on the Eduling Speak app.

First, you review some words that will appear in the lesson. You can check the meaning of the words and hear the pronunciation. When you're ready, you can click NEXT to start listening to the lesson. Each lesson puts a piece of language or a tip into context by giving you examples and explanations. By hearing new language in context, you're more likely to be able to take it in and use it in other situations. Finally, you can listen to the lesson again and read the transcript. This way, you have another chance to pay attention to what's shared and absorb it better.

So far, there are lessons on: academic vocabulary appearing on the Academic Word List, how to answer questions in the IELTS Interview, vocabulary strategies, conversation strategies, and US culture (See an example). You'll see all of these lessons appear in the Solo Mode on the Eduling Speak very soon.

Here's the transcript of a lesson on the topic of accommodation in the IELTS Interview Part 1.

Lesson 17: IELTS Interview Part 1: Accommodation

Hi everyone! In this tiny lesson, let’s practice answering four questions about the topic of accommodation in IELTS Interview Part 1. Remember to answer each question in a few sentences even when it’s a yes-no question. Let’s get started.

1. Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in?

I live in a house in the suburbs of a mid-sized city. The house is surrounded by a green lawn and flower and vegetable gardens outside. It’s a two-story house with a basement and garage underneath.

As you can see, I describe the type of accommodation (a house), the location (in the suburbs), and what the house has. Make sure to prepare to talk about these features of your house.

2. How long have you lived in your current place?

My family and I have been living in this house for 6 years. We moved to the current place so that I am closer to my work. Before that, I had to commute for about 40 minutes each way to work.

This is a very straightforward question, but I provide a reason why we moved to this house. I also use the past tense in my second sentence.

3. What do you like about living in your current place?

I really like that we have a front yard and backyard and flower beds and a vegetable garden outside. Our house is on top of a hill, so we also have a beautiful view of the neighborhood and the woods in the back. I appreciate it every day as it helps me to relax.

You may have various reasons for liking your current place. You may list 2-3 reasons. Try to be specific. Notice words that I use to describe a place: front yard, backyard, flower beds, vegetable garden, hill, view, neighborhood, and woods.

4. Is there anything you’d like to change about your current place?

Mostly, I’d love to be able to improve our house by repainting all of the rooms so that the interior looks newer. We have a sunroom, but I’d love to have a deck around the sunroom so that we have more entertainment space outdoors. Those are a few things on my wish list for the house right now.

Again, you can talk about anything here. The structures I’d like or I’d love are very helpful here. Other vocabulary words I use include: interior, sunroom, deck, and entertainment space.

Overall, talking about your home should not be too difficult, but be sure to practice describing different parts of your house. Practice talking about this topic on the Eduling Speak app by connecting with someone or recording your answers on your own. And remember to check out other tiny lessons, including the ones about the topic home.

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