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Just More Work

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

After being "done" with my doctorate for almost three years, I finally had a graduation picture with my dissertation supervisor, the famous Dr. Rod Ellis (also described as Uncle Ellis in the SLA world), and the equally famous Dr. David Nunan. People often ask me what the payback of the degree is, I often say no "pay" back really, just more work! From research to writing to teaching to curriculum development: It's just more! I've gradually moved away from my "student" identity that has been so prominent that my father once asked, "When will you stop taking classes and start earning more money?" Here's to a perfect degree option for me from Anaheim University; wonderful professors, advisors, and fellow students; hard and stimulating work in all those years; and even more work in the future! And to the most "biased" support from my family as always.

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