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Lovely Little Fish, Little Puppy, and Trong

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

These are poems written by Vũ Ngọc Vân in the Writing for Young Learners course from Eduling International Academy. Vân is currently in Grade 6, loves learning English, and has been very active in her class with Eduling and other activities organized by the academy. Enjoy her lovely poems!

New Year 2021

New Year is nearly here

This special year will end

So many adventures

Happen in this year.

From the news of corona

To the US election

Every essential event

Is marked in this year.

When the New Year comes

Everything will pass

Exciting adventures

Will happen next year.

Lovely Little Fish: A Nursery Rhyme

Lovely, lovely little fish

Swimming over the seashore

Down in the precious sea

You say hi to every fish

Lovely, lovely little fish

How more can you play with them!

My Lovely Puppy: A Free Verse Poem

Oh my lovely, lovely puppy

Why you are so tiny?

Wearing a black fur coat

You're the best puppy.

Oh my lovely, lovely puppy

When you sniff, you're so funny

When you're hungry, you bark so loud

And all that time, you're the funniest.

Oh my lovely, lovely puppy

You must leave us tomorrow

You will go to your hometown

Stay with grandpa until next year.

Oh my lovely, lovely puppy

I'll miss you very much

I'll meet you again next year

We'll be together again.

Trong: An Acoustic Poem

Twelve years old

Reading is his hobby

One of my best friends

No one can compare

Generous he is.

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