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Poetry from Eduling Writing Class - Section 1

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

These are the poems from students taking Eduling's Writing class (Section 1). The students spent six lessons on learning to write different types of poetry. We are proud to share their work below. The poems are listed in no particular order.

Eduling will offer another section of this writing course soon, so please follow our Facebook page for more information:

By Jasper:

1. Nursery Rhyme (To the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" rhythm)

Mummy, mummy where are you

I am lost in the dark, deep woods

Help me please, I'm scared right now

Creepy crawlies on me now

Mummy, mummy where are you

Please come now because I love you

2. Free verse poem

My puppy plays piano it's the strangest thing to see

It seems while I was practicing, he learned by spying me

He started playing with chopsticks and then he learned some Bach

It wasn't long before he played the blues and some classic rock

When he became a professional, he traveled around the world

Asking animal friends to join his cool band

He suddenly had three new friends who were also like him

There was bear who had a violin and he played very smoothly

The cheetah on the left knew how to play drums

The last little creature who was very small

Was a mouse on chair with a tiny flute he played gracefully

These animals grew famous as they wrote more songs

And straight away became billionaires when they had a giant family

3. Haiku poems

Dragons are so cool

They have wings of fire and flames

They can breathe out fire

4. Acrostic poem

Godzilla, the king of every Kaiju (monster)

Omega blades across his back

Dangerous to enemies, but friendly to loyal ones

Zero deaths in every battle

Intelligent since he has two brains

Looking awesome at the end of the fight

Losing his Queen, Mothra, is very sad

Amazing with his skills, especially with his blue atomic breath

By Ngoc Van:

1. Nursery rhyme

Lovely, lovely little fish

Swimming under the seashore

Down under the precious sea

You say hi to every fish

Lovely, lovely little fish

Can you play with them?

2. Free verse poem

Oh my lovely, lovely puppy

Why you are so tiny?

Wearing a black fur coat

You're the best puppy.

Oh my lovely, lovely puppy

When you sniff, you're so funny

When you're hungry, you bark so loud

And all that time you're the funniest.

Oh my lovely, lovely puppy

You must leave us tomorrow

You will go to your hometown

Stay with grandpa until next year.

Oh my lovely, lovely puppy

I'll miss you very much

I'll meet you again next year

We'll be together again.

3. Haiku poem.

My friend's name is Linh

She is so intelligent

She is my best friend.

4. Acrostic poem.



Merry like flowers



You're my family

By Bao Quang:

1. Nursery rhyme

Fried eggs are not hard at all

You'll do for three steps all

Drop the egg in frying pan

Wait for it to be cooked & grand

Flip it over to the side

Finally, take it out fried

Frying eggs are so much fun

You can make a meal for fun! (Tune: Mary had a little lamb)

2. Free Verse Poem

The books are my friends

Books are the best

I could read books all day

They are precious treasure!

Learning books are better than gold

They give a lot of knowledge!

Books are the best in school

And they're like Google!

Novels are hilarious books

They take me back to history

And history is the thing I like

So novels are in the top!

Many more kinds of books are waiting

I want to see them all!

Cause' like I said, books are great

And they have information!

3. Haiku Poem

The wind was blowing

I feel like there is a fan

It is the coolest

4. Acrostic Poem



Memory never fades

Iced by love and

Young forever with family friendship

By Mai Chi:

1. Free verse

The sky is my best friend

The blue sky is lovely

It makes you feel calm

Don’t be angry, stay calm

Everyone may think

This is the worst year ever

See the sky to make you feel


And sorry but life goes on

The sky is wonderful

With cute white clouds

Where some birds fly

With your happy face

2. Haiku poem

Night, Night is so nice

With dark and beautiful sky

It makes you feel calm

3. Acrostic poem

Loving is from par