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Poetry from Eduling Writing Class - Section 2

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

These are the poems from students taking Eduling's Writing class (Section 1). The students spent six lessons on learning to write different types of poetry. We are proud to share their work below. The poems are listed in no particular order. Eduling will offer another section of this writing course soon, so please follow our Facebook page for more information:

By Quan:

Nursery Rhyme

A dog is chasing a cat

The cat is wearing a hat

The cat was too quick

And the dog was too weak

He can’t ever catch the cat.

Free Verse

I went to the beach

Jumped into the sea. “Splash!”

The wave hit the sand. “Whoosh!”

Seagulls squawk in the sky

Calling their friends

Coco tree leaves rustle along the beach

As telling a very old story

It was so grandiose.


“Eating sweet ice-cream

Waves beat against a tall cliff

Find some rare seashells”

“The big old oak tree

A huge hurricane passes

But it stands still there”


Family is the best

And it’s important

Making me happy

I love my family

Like my mom

You are the best!


Quiet and quick

Usually plays games

Adventurous and likes exploration

Nice and friendly

By Gia Kien:


A wonderful day with my family

My dream is special

Around me are pillows and blankets

Zebra run and jump like in movie

Iguanas fly a million years ago

Neptune controlled the water into shape

Get end with a drive on dinosaur

Nursery Rhyme

We wish to have a treasure

With something big to measure

Or someone to remind in future

And can visit the big theater

Eat sushi with some ginger

Let’s do something crazier

Listen to music easier

And speak a voice that’s smaller


It is an old book

With lots of new ones around

For a sad story

By Minh Ngoc:

Nursery Rhyme

Science, science, go away

We wish to have a good day

Science, science, is very hard

We want art class more than you

Free Verse

My teacher let us play a game

It is "Murder Mystery"

We had to find the weapon

The killer, time, and where.

We had many, many choices

Also many shapes

We had to find the perimeter

And also area.

So this is what we found:

The weapon is a knife

The killer’s name is Thanos

The date is today

The time is seventeen minutes past seven

The location is our classroom.

No one in my class is named Thanos

So we all said toghether:

"Mr Jon is the killer!"

And the teacher said, "No! Thanos is the killer!"

I know that he lied

But the game was really fun


Water pollution

Makes the water dirtier

Kills fish and algae


Friendly members

Awake my soul

Mining affection

Illustrated a photo

Like a dreamy dream

Yes! Like family

By Huong Anh:

Nursery Rhyme

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star

When can I know who you are

How would I know and how far

Difficult to know where you are!

Free Verse

The sky is so beautiful tonight

Above the sky, there are many stars

They twinkle like a diamond

If they twinkle, they feel happy

Wow! The sky tonight is so beautiful

I love the sky and all the stars.


Seas are beautiful

They make me feel relaxed too

With so many foods


Funny and happy

All my family

Mummy and daddy, brother and me

I love them all

Lots of smiles

Yes, my family is the best

By Tim (Duc Minh):

Nursery Rhyme

One two, sky so blue

Three four, the birds want more

Five six, watch clouds drift

Seven Eight, the moon is late.


Butterflies are cool

In the big, huge, green forest

They fly up so high

The big blue ocean

Many animals live there

They are all pretty!


Fiercely loyal to those we love.

Accepting each for who and what they are.

Matchless in our hopes and dreams for one another.

Instilling pride in our hard-fought heritage.

Learning about our past guides us in the future.

You love and cherish the people of your heart

By Duy Anh:

Nursery Rhyme

Oh no, oh no, I am late

I am late for my English class

The teacher will scold me and you guess

I will be a bad student, yes!

And my mom will scold me too

It is so scary

And then I learn, it is just a dream.


Climate change is bad

It makes the elderly ill

And can't do nothing


For love and sharing

Along with gentleness and kindness

My parents and sister are around

It is so happy here

Laughing and joyful

Yes, family is so much fun!

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