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Students' Poems Bring Joy

As a warm up activity, students in Inside C at Eduling International Academy wrote short poems together. Here are their creations to hopefully bring you smiles and joy reading them.

Language learning is, to a great extent, about creative self-expression, and it's great to see the students expressed themselves through language this way.


take a second

let everything behind

take a moment

let relax your mind


Have you forgotten

That old stairs

Gone, good moments

And only shadows there


never look back at your past

the past is past

and nothing at last

look into future

Dan and Anh

Đi thang thang trên đất khách quê người

Tôi bỗng nhớ mùa thu Hà Nội.

Một Hà Nội nghìn năm văn hiến

Với cây vàng lá đỏ rải lòng tôi.

Wandering on foreign soil

Suddenly missed Hanoi's fall.

Hanoi with thousand years of culture

And red leaves fall on my heart.


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