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Take Small Actions to Help Endangered Species

By Linh Đan, Reach G Class, Eduling International Academy

Hello, my name is Đan. What’s your hobby? Mine is having fun with some pets or animals. In my opinion, animals often look cute and funny. But in the world, many species are being endangered and going to be extinct. For example, last month, a forest fire took many lives of animals in Australia, mostly kangaroos and koalas. But how can we help them as a little child?

First, we should know why the species are endangered. That’s easy, and I bet you can answer that question. Here are some reasons from my research:

· Hunting and over-exploitation make many species unable to recreate a new generation.

· Deforestation and burning forests lead to the loss of habitats for lots of species.

· The weather changes so the animals are difficult to adapt.

· And many more reasons ...

Next, why must we help endangered species? According to some statistics, about 1,556 species are being endangered. Protecting animals plays a role in the ecological balance and makes a healthy environment.

Last, how to protect the endangered species? These are some ways:

· Tell the police if you see or know someone who sell animals illegally.

· Find the endangered species near where you live to help them make a habitat or notify scientists or the police.

· Plant trees to give endangered animals a natural habitat.

· Drive the car slowly. It seems like it is not important, but you should do that to protect the animals from car accidents.

· Urge farmers or the owner of a large area build up a small habitat for some animals, which help endangered animals to make new homes.

· Take part in a group which protect endangered species. Many groups were created to protect animals. You can join them and help them do small activities to help the environment and endangered animals.

Today, many people have risen and protected endangered species by some small activities, which affect the whole world. Many species have recovered because of this. What about you? Will you take a small action to help endangered species?

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