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Duration: 8 weeks

Format: Video lessons, homework, quizzes, weekly writings, feedback, and two 90-min live lessons

Live lessons: Saturdays, 10-11:30am ET (tentative

Materials: Posted in Google Classroom and Eduling Speak

Course materials: Google Classroom and the Eduling Speak app


Course description: This course develops students’ knowledge around important concepts in language learning and guides students through the process of conducting a primary research study and writing an article to report the project. Students will practice all English skills including listening to academic lectures and explanations, reading authentic research papers, writing summaries and a research report, and presenting research. In addition, they will learn research skills including reviewing literature, forming research questions, collecting data, analyzing data, reporting findings, discussing findings, and using APA citations.


Writing products:

  • Responses to discussion questions

  • Summaries

  • Research paper draft 1 (1000 words)

  • Research paper final draft (1000 words)



Week 1: Listening and reading about motivation and engagement

Week 2: Listening and reading about enjoyment and anxiety. 

Week 3: Understanding parts of a research paper and the research process

Week 4: Reading more about enjoyment and anxiety and writing summaries. Preparing the instrument for data collection.

Week 5: Collecting data and learning to write the introduction and literature review

Week 6: Analyzing data

Week 7: Writing the first draft of the paper and receiving feedback

Week 8: Revising the paper and giving a presentation of the paper 


After you pay, you will can download a document with a link to join Google Classroom. Students in Vietnam may sign up with this link and pay in Vietnam instead:




8-Week Research Paper Course

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