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Topic: Animals and nouns with “con”

Common Core Standards: Language Arts, Literacy, Social Studies

Language: Vietnamese


Contents/ Nội dung

12 animals in the Vietnamese zodiac (English)

12 animals in the Vietnamese zodiac (everyday Vietnamese)

12 animals in the Vietnamese zodiac (Sino-Chinese)

Cut-and-paste activities

Nouns that go with “con”

Đố mẹ: Poem by Mai Quyên with illustrations

Letter tracing with words appearing in the set

Picture description game

Mỗi người một vẻ: Poem by Phạm Văn tình with illustrations


Additional suggestions and resources/ Gợi ý thêm

Book suggestion/ Gợi ý sách

  • Poetry collection: Tập thơ Đố mẹ của nhà thơ Mai Quyên
  • 34 Vietnamese Activities handout from HL Books
  • Songs by Tiny Wrist on YouTube


Please feel free to use this handout at home and in class, but please do not share/resell the PDF.

Activities with Animals and Poems

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