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Updated: Mar 31, 2023

By Samantha Tran

This is a personal narrative Samantha, 12 years old, wrote for a writing class with Eduling International Academy. Samantha said that this was meant to be a comic about her attempt to claim someone else's birthday when she was in preschool. Her essay shows a strong satirical voice and creative use of dialogue and language.

When I was in preschool, I was, you can say, very naive. As most children are. I had no concept of time, rules, or anything for that matter. I had no care in the world. Except for one thing. Birthdays. Birthdays to me were the most fun thing ever. You get to eat as much cake as you want, mess up the house, and receive presents, as a reward for being born.

At my preschool, every time it was someone's birthday, they would get to pick a little toy from a treasure box. However, because my birthday is in August during the summer vacation, I never got to pick a toy. I have asked my mom about this, and she said I had gotten a toy in preschool before. I guess my memory was as good as Dory from Finding Nemo.

One year, when it was this one girl's birthday, I thought, "This is my chance, my chance to finally see the oh so beautiful treasure box." My glorious plan was to tell the teacher that it was my birthday also. My thinking was like, “It is my birthday, so I can make it whenever I want.”

"It's my birthday," I went up to my teacher and said. “Yes, I’ve done it. It is now my birthday,” I thought happily to myself. Not only did I tell my teacher it was my birthday, but I also convinced myself that it truly was my birthday. I was happy all day. “It’s my birthday. It’s going to be the best day ever. I’m going to get so many presents,” I thought while skipping around the playground.

The time came to sing happy birthday to the real birthday girl. After we sang, I waited eagerly for my turn. As she was picking her toy, I thought, “Maybe the teacher forgot about my birthday.” I yelled out, "It's my birthday too, so can I get a treasure box?" My teacher laughed it off and answered me, “Your birthday is in August.” I was crushed because my evil plan failed.

Then another idea came up. "Wait, I can just tell my parents it's my birthday." Once I got home, I yelled, "Mom! Mom! It’s my birthday." "No, it's not," my mom replied. I felt betrayed. Even my mother denied it was my birthday.

But there was still hope for my “birthday.” My dad had just gotten home, and his friend was there. Will my plan work? “Uncle Anthony, Uncle Anthony, it's my birthday!!!” “No, it’s not,” Dad’s friend replied. I was defeated. My evil scheme didn’t work. In the end, my "birthday" was never celebrated although I did get a small hair clip from Uncle Anthony that day.

Many people say the moral is to never lie, but this case isn’t lying. It was just plain naivete of a two-year-old child. I didn’t know the concept of a month or a day, let alone knowing when my birthday was. Did I get to celebrate my birthday in preschool at all? I don’t really remember, and it does not matter as much now as I have friends to celebrate it with, on my real birthday.

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