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Eduling Year-End Celebration 2020

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Time: 9-10:15am Pittsburgh Time – 9-10:15pm Vietnam Time


You can also watch it live on:


9am: Remarks from Dr. Linh Phung and teachers

9:05am: 2020 review and 2021 wishes on Google Jamboard

9:10: Student speeches/performances

Ngọc Vân (poetry)

Bảo Quang (story)

Bảo Anh (piano performance)

Bảo Châu (ukulele and singing)

Gia Linh (singing)

9:25: Kahoot Game (with questions about Eduling International Academy, Christmas, Year 2020 events, and other questions submitted by students)

9:35am: Hallelujah in English and Vietnamese from Quynh Huong, Anh Tho, their Dad Dr. Henry

9:45: Opera performance (Intorno all’idol mio written by Antonio Cesti) by Sarah Krastman

9:55: Group picture

Group singing along We Wish You a Merry Christmas ( and Happy New Year (

Quỳnh Hương is a 7th grade student in the Bay Area in California, who is passionate about sharing Vietnamese culture to local communities. She loves music and actively participates in literature, cooking, and musical clubs and activities.

Anh Thơ, Quỳnh Hương’s little sister, is currently studying in Grade 3. She loves social activities and reading and deeply cares about the environment. She also loves singing, playing sports, such as tennis, swimming, and biking. She likes to make many new friends.

Dr. Henry, currently working at Stanford University, father of Quynh Huong and Anh Tho, also loves music.

Sarah Krastman is an aspiring opera singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is currently studying voice at SUNY Purchase Conservatory in New York. She attended Chatham for two years and sang with the University Choir. Her passion and sensitivity for music has led her to travel and explore many singing opportunities around the US and Israel. In summer of 2019 she was invited to participate in a prestigious opera program in Jerusalem where she earned a Young and Talented Artist prize. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going for walks, watching movies, playing with her two doggies and baking sweets!

Bảo Quang is a 6th grade student in Hanoi. He loves to watch educational shows and TV programs in English. He also loves studying and reading comedy books. He has translated 2 books Dear Dinosaur and Fortunately from English to Vietnamese. He is taking a Writing class with Eduling International Academy.

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