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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Eduling invites students, teachers, and anyone interested to join an exciting new project called Eduling Everyday English. English learners and speakers can join to practice speaking every week with students from different countries. Teachers can collaborate with Eduling to provide speaking opportunities to their students. Competent English speakers may volunteer to be interviewed and featured in videos. Please email Dr. Linh Phung at if you have questions or would like to collaborate.

Here's a flyer for those of you who would like to share it to your students.

Dr. Linh Phung's profile can be found here:

Here's the detailed description of the project.

1. Dr. Linh Phung from Eduling records and shares a video of an interview with a teacher or a competent English speaker for 5 minutes on a topic, such as birthdays, home, and family and friends. The video is edited to draw viewers' attention to some language used, and there's also a review of interesting language at the end of the video: words, sentence structures, and pronunciation. Here is an example:

2. Eduling shares a list of questions for participants to use for a discussion with one to three other students. Students are advised to prepare for these in advance. This list is shared in Discord, a platform used to allow participants to talk in small groups.

3. Participants join Discord every Monday at 10am US EDT or 9pm Vietnam time to discuss these questions in groups. Currently there are participants in Vietnam, Japan, Chile, and sometimes the U.S. Instructions on how to used Discord are posted in the Facebook group called Eduling Everyday English.

4. Participants or parents can join this Facebook group for support and instructions:

A video and a list of questions are shared every Thursday or Friday, and Dr. Phung or a teaching assistant facilitates a session on Discord the following Monday for free. This project will run until at least the end of May. Then it will be assessed and continued depending on participants' interest.

If you're not familiar with Discord, here's a picture to illustrate how it works.

If you're interested, please join or email if you have questions or would like to collaborate.

Feedback from participants:

Giang Nguyen

Through various group conversations on Discord, I had a chance to talk to Ms. Phuong and Gia, who are both from the US. I'm so delighted that we exchanged emails and numbers so that Gia can check my essays and give me some feedback since I am going to take the IELTS in the next few months. I want to say thank you to Dr. Linh, who organises these meaningful activities for me and other students who want to learn and practise speaking with one another and native speakers.

Bich Ta

I learned from Tien Anh, Chau and Toes. They are so cute and speak English really confidently and fluently. I also can share my opinion about food, books and life with them. That is my happy time today. I am looking forward to participating next week. Thank you Dr. Linh Phung for creating this opportunity for us!


Thank you, Dr. Linh Phung. Talking to other students made my day today. I will invite my friends to join.

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