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Where I'm From: By Nhat Anh

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

By Nhat Anh (Aree)

Inspired by the original poem Where I'm From by George Ella Lyon, Nhat Anh, a student in the Inside C Writing class writes about about her memories, family, dreams, and hopes in this amazing poem. Eduling International Academy offers writing classes to any students in middle school or higher who want to practice different types of writing, including poems, personal narratives, argument essays, cause-and-effect essays, research reports, and more. Courses that are open to students can be found HERE.

I am from coal stove,

From mosquito net and sedge mat.

I am from the small alley with an enormous bougainvillea tree

(Cozy, cheerful, it smelled fresh and sweet).

I am from the “money” tree,

and hydrangea flowers,

whose aroma and colors bring me happy thoughts

I’m from cool dracontomelum soup and chubby cheeks,

From mother Phí Hải Yến and father Đỗ Tuấn Anh.

I’m from “Study, study more, study forever”

and “Happiness comes from independence”

From “Stand up!” and “Don’t give up!”

I’m from “Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.”

From my grandmother’s Vietnamese folk songs and poems in my childhood,

and popular Conan comics in my adolescence.

I am from the Phí and Đỗ family

From chung cakes and eugenia tea

From a fight between my sister and I before going to bed

the night before she flew to Holland to study abroad

For better intimacy and greater understanding of sisterhood.

In an orange box under my desk is a collection of

pictures of family and friends,

some sundry but important things.

To follow my aspirations and success.

I am from those memories,

from different dreams and expectations,

from an S-shaped strip of land

To be everyone’s pride and hope.

A template for this poem can be downloaded HERE.

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