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Coronavirus, 5G, Corpse Flower, You Name It

Dr. Linh Phung, Director of Eduling International Academy, hosted another conversation hour with kids from Vietnam on March 21, 2020. About 30 participants took part in the conversation, who first introduced themselves in small groups and then talked about what was on the news in the U.S., Vietnam, and other countries. Dominating the conversation was the topic of Covid-19. The participants were all very aware of the number of cases in China, Vietnam, the U.S., Italy, and other countries. They thought the virus was scary and dangerous. When asked about what else was on the news, we couldn't think of anything else, which showed the seriousness of the crisis in many countries.

Then we moved on to discuss the two articles Dr. Linh Phung shared before the conversation: one about the 5G technology that Viettel was working to develop and another about the 200th anniversary of the US Botanic Garden.

What the participants were looking forward to was a Kahoot game based on the two articles and a video clip from the movie Frozen. Participants showed their comprehension of the articles and knowledge of the new words from the articles and movie clip. They also answered some fun questions based on an optical illusion and a funny riddle. Congratulations to Linh Chi on winning the gold medal, Bao Chau/Potato the silver medal, and "De Mi Noi Cho E" the bronze medal! Congratulations to Lenka and Khoi on being the runners up, too! Other participants also very well, but were just a little slower than the winners and runners up.

When asked how they felt at the end of the session, almost all of the participants said they felt "great." Nobody said that they felt "endangered," one of the answer options :). That made Dr. Linh Phung feel great, too! Thank you, everyone, for being such champions for learning English together.

Here are the articles and movie clip we watched as well as the Kahoot game we played.

Learn English Through Movies (Frozen):

To those of you who can't open VOA English, here's the materials to download:

If you have questions, please email

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