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Multicultural Topics, Rigorous Content, and Diverse Tasks

Class picture
Class picture

Multicultural topics

Inside C is for students in Grades 7-9 at the intermediate level of proficiency or higher. The course is taught by teacher Oksana Moroz and has been running since Novemeber 2019. Over the period of 18 weekly classes thus far, the students learned about various topics, such as effect of identities on our decision-making process, facing rivals, multiculturality of the US, and making a difference in their own communities.

Diverse tasks and text types

Students engaged in various types of readings, such as narratives, research reports, and historical texts.

Advanced vocabulary and grammar

Learners also mastered advanced vocabulary to be able to discuss those topics fluently. Regarding grammar, students learned and refreshed compound words, prefixes and suffixes, adjectives and adverbs, subject predicate construction, indefinite pronouns, and action verbs.

Challenging writing tasks

They also engaged in diverse types of writing genres and modes, such as a problem-solution essay, a collaborative research report, a modern fairy-tale, and a speech about their dreams following Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech.

Ongoing assessments

Apart from performance in the tasks mentioned above, students also completed a pre-test and unit progress tests with the teacher's feedback. Students celebrated their achievements in the course, but also realized that language learning is a journey that requires commitment and hard work.

Extra-activities and opportunities

Students appreciated the opportunities to participate in conversation hours and games hosted by Eduling International Academy, conversation hours that Dr. Linh Phung organized for her students in the U.S., and interviews with graduate students in the U.S.

Dedicated and professional teacher

The Inside C course is taught by Ms. Oksana Moroz with a BA in French literature and an MA in TESOL. She's currently finishing up her PhD in Applied Linguistics. She has over five years of experience teaching English in the U.S. As a student with a scholarship from the U.S. government and excellent academic achievements, she had the pleasure of meeting Bill Clinton at a global conference. She always tries to push students to the highest level of performance.

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