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Teaching and Research

This page will share blog posts and resources in language teaching, learning, and research.

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Dr. Linh Phung

Language and International Educator

Dr. Linh Phung has a BA, MA, and EdD in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She has been teaching English for over 15 years and has published and presented widely in the area of second language learning and teaching. She's passionate about creating opportunities for language use and development inside and outside the classroom. She has also held various volunteer leadership positions with TESOL International Association. In her free time, she enjoys writing (including making children's books), gardening, and taking photographs. See her CV and connect with her on social media below!

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Teaching Posts

Essays and Reflections

Presentations and Materials

Carving a Path for Research, Publication, and Materials Development

Presentation hosted by TESOL Career Path Development on January 24, 2023. Download slides HERE. Watch the presentation on YouTube.

Promoting Authentic Language Use with Tasks

Presentation hosted by the US Department of State on February 15, 2015. Download slides HERE. Watch the presentation on YouTube.

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